Why Doma Shred

Do You Know What’s in Your Trash?

 With Identity Theft on the rise, your risk for information exposure is internal as well as external.  Certainly, you trust your employees and your cleaning crews, but you can never be too safe.  Do you really want your employees deciding what needs to be shredded and what can be tossed into the trash?  This can add an extra burden to your employees, causing undo stress and wasted time when they could be focusing on other tasks. Often, employee files, client information and even misprints from a copier, just to name a few, are inadvertently tossed in the trash instead of being shredded as required by law. With a DOMA Shred locked security container, you can take that responsibility out of the hands of your employees to decide what is sensitive or protected information and require everything to be shredded.  DOMA Shred offers you the highest level of information security available.  We destroy your material on your premises, as you watch on our truck-side video monitor, so that your sensitive information never leaves your supervision!

 We’re the only shredding company in the area with a service guarantee, “On-time every time or it’s FREE” *

* Service contract required, does not apply to “on-call” service.

Flexible Billing

Our billing process can be tailored to your specific purchasing requirements, including a breakdown by department or room.

mobile shredding truck

We're Mobile

Our mobile trucks are equipped with the most advanced shear shred system available on the market today – the capability to shred more than 8000 pounds per hour; reducing the time spent at your facilities.


Our security personnel will make sure all consoles are fully operational and reflect the clean environment of your facilities.

Lockable Security Consoles

Doma Shred will supply and install the locked Security Consoles at no cost to you. (recurring service only)

Project Management


Doma Shred will work with you to put in place an organizational security policy for the handling of your confidential and sensitive documents, as well as help train your employees on the entire process.

certified destroyed shredding

Certificate of Destruction

documenting the safe and complete destruction of your materials.

mobile shredding

GPS Monitoring

A secure fleet of mobile shredding vehicles equipped with state-of-the art GPS monitoring.

powerful shredding

Powerful Shredding

No need to remove staples, paper clips, or binder clips. We can even shred Cd’s and floppy disks; all in the same container.

No rental fees

No Rental Fees

A rental charge is never applied to the installed equipment.

shredding monitoring

Curbside Video Monitor

Your authorized personnel are encouraged to view our destruction process at any time via our curbside video monitor.


Our Personnel

Trained shredding specialist who have passed high-level security screenings.

No hidden fees

Transparent Pricing

Quoted rates are flat; we never add any “hidden” or by-the-minute charges

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